If you are interested in joining one of our committees please contact us at elliesinfo@livingwithals.org.


Fundraising Committee                                                                         Patient Advocacy Committee
Debbie Reynolds - Director of Fundraising                                            Kacie Gahr - President

Tricia Maguire - Board Member                                                              Brian Dolan - Vice President
Jim Christian                                                                                           Shauna Colicchio
Lisa Christian                                                                                          Veronica Mausser

Golf Committee                                                                                       Ride Committee
Kacie Gahr - President                                                                             Debbie Reynolds - Director of Fundraising

Debbie Reynolds - Director of Fundraising                                             Jim Christian
Amy Rastiello                                                                                           Lisa Christian

Run Committee

Shannon Hobby-Psensky - Treasurer
Amy Rastiello