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Nate's Story


Nate was diagnosed with ALS on June 23, 2011 after suffering excruciating back pain.  Prior to his diagnosis, Nate was a renowned jazz musician who played with everyone from Albert King to Chaka Khan and he taught at a music program in Newark, NJ
for free.


Nate believed in giving back and had received free lessons from some legendary musicians such as James Moody and Sonny Stit. Nate saw many children in the community no longer carried instruments and had a dream to give that back. Music took Nate all over the world and he wanted to pass that gift on to future generations.  Unfortunately, with his illness, 2011 was the last year that Nate was able to teach the music class. 

Nate's wife, Renetta, reached out to us and asked for our help with a wheelchair ramp at their home.  Renetta was having a hard time getting Nate in and out of their home for doctor appointments.  On September 22, 2012, the board of directors and family members of Ellie spent 8 hours building a 57 foot ramp for Nate at his home in Ridgedale, NJ.  That afternoon was the first time Nate saw his back yard in 6 months. 

We are committed to helping those struggling
with ALS live their lives to the fullest.

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