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Meet Our Board

Kacie Gahr: Founder, President

Kacie is the granddaughter of Ellie Reynolds. She promised Ellie before she
passed away that she would continue the fight against ALS and do all she
could to make sure others didn’t go through what Ellie went through. Kacie
founded the Ellie Reynolds ALS Foundation to help patients to get the things
they need to live a higher quality of life. Kacie is the Finance Director at
RevHealth, a pharmaceutical advertising agency located in Morristown, NJ. 
She lives in Phoenixville, PA with her husband, Mike, and their daughter, Danika.

Brian J. Dolan: Vice President

Brian has known Kacie Gahr for many years and joined the Foundation's Board of Directors in 2013. Currently, Brian is the Director of Nursing-Emergency Services at St. Barnabas Health System in the Bronx. Brian currently lives in Flanders, NJ with his fiancé, Amy, and their two sons,
Will and TJ.

Shannon Psensky: Treasurer

Shannon is the oldest of Ellie’s six granddaughters. She joined the Board of
Directors in 2014 and became the Treasurer shortly after. Shannon is a
Special Education teacher in the History department at Sparta High School.
She currently resides in Lake Hopatcong, NJ with her husband, Tom, and
their two children, Tanner and Dakota.

Adam K. Phelps: Founder, Secretary

Adam, who currently serves as the Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action for NJ Transit, is an attorney specializing in workplace investigations and management-side labor and employment law. Prior to joining NJ Transit, he served as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey for twelve years. Adam has been active on ALS issues since 2000, when he worked on federal legislation, which

was enacted, giving patients living with ALS early access to Medicare benefits. Adam has been friends with the Gahr/Reynolds family for over 2 decades. He currently resides in Livingston, NJ, with his wife, Shanna, and two children, Duncan and Sadie.

Bruce Medd: Founder, Member

Bruce is a Managing Partner at RevHealth, a pharmaceutical advertising
agency  located in Morristown, NJ.  He has known Kacie Gahr since 2001
and is privileged to serve on the board of the Ellie Reynolds ALS
Foundation. He is dedicated to helping Kacie make a difference in the
lives of those fighting against ALS.  Bruce currently resides in Morris
Township, NJ with his wife, Heather, and their four children, Taylor, Lindsey,
Charlie and Caroline.

Rhonda Clifford: Member

Rhonda is a Graphic and Web Designer who has lost several close friends to ALS over the past few years. Previously, Rhonda volunteered for the Greater Philadelphia ALS chapter, by designing invites, pamphlets, and signs for their various events. She met Kacie in 2016. Always looking to give back to the ALS community, she jumped at the chance to serve on the Ellie Reynolds Foundation's Board when an opening became available.

Debbie Reynolds: Fundraising Director

Debbie is Ellie's oldest daughter. She has taken on the role of Director of fundraising for the Ellie Reynolds ALS Foundation, and also is the President of Financial Planning Associates, LLC. Currently, Debbie
is semi-retired. 

Mom was always involved in raising money for some charity or another helping where she could. She taught me to give to those in need, and therefore The Ellie Reynolds ALS Foundation strives to make those affected with ALS lives just a little easier.

Gerald Stevens, Sr: Founder, 10.4.58—12.20.15

Better known as Jerry, he was one of the founding members of the
Ellie Reynolds ALS Foundation and was the Vice President from
2009-2014, when he stepped down due to health reasons. He was
married to Ellie’s youngest daughter, Patti, and they had one son,
Jerry, Jr. and four grandchildren together. Jerry married into this
family but Ellie and he had a bond as strong as any mother and son.  
Asone of Ellie’s primary caregivers and being disabled himself,
he had a very special relationship with Ellie. They understood each other and the challenges
that they faced each day. Even after stepping down from the Board of Directors, Jerry
continued to be one of the biggest supporters and advocates for this foundation until he passed away in 2015. His presence on the board is greatly missed.

Eric M. Friggle: Founder

Eric was one of the original founding members of the Ellie Reynolds
ALS Foundation and served as the treasurer until his job relocated
him and his wife, Pam and their three sons, Richard, Nicholas, and
Owen, to Louisville, KY.  Eric is the Vice President of Operations at
Computershare. Eric grew up in Toms River, NJ, and has always made
his home in “The Garden State”. Eric has been friends with the Gahr/
Reynolds family for over two decades and continues to support the
mission of this foundation any chance he gets.

Shawn Potillo: Founder

Shawn was one of the original founding members of the Ellie Reynolds ALS Foundation and served as the Vice President for 4 years until stepping down, due to personal reasons, in 2018. Shawn knew Ellie, or “Grandma” as everyone called her, for most of his life. Shawn lives in Landing, NJ with his wife, Nicole, and their daughter, Bella.

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