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Ellie's Foundation at Work

These are the stories of some of the families Ellie's Foundation has helped.

Harry started showing symptoms
in late 2010 but went
undiagnosed until March 2013.


Nate was diagnosed with ALS on
June 23, 2011 after suffering excruciating back pain. 

Rich R.

Rich was diagnosed with ALS
in December 2012 but started
showing symptoms in March 2011.


Harry started showing symptoms in late 2010
but went undiagnosed until March 2013.  Harry's mother, Karen, contacted us in the summer of 2013 asking for assistance with a wheelchair ramp for her only child.  Harry moved back in with his mother in Salisbury, MD, so that she could help take care of him.  He was a very independent man and with the installation of a wheelchair ramp we were able to give him back some of
his independence.


On June 9, 2014, we installed a ramp at Jean's home in Wayne after her husband contacted us for assistance.  Jean's two sons and their families moved back home after she was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 to help their father take care of her.  With the installation of the wheelchair ramp,
Jean is now able to get in and out of her home on her own.

Rich O.  

Rich was in need of an electric wheelchair since walking was becoming very difficult.


Ruth lived in Stockholm with her husband, Thomas.  Their home had very challenging landscaping but with the help of our volunteer contractor, Ed Peters, we were able to install a 20' ramp for Ruth.  This ramp helped her get from her home to the car easily so she could venture out with her husband, as well as, attend appointments as needed.

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Edwin lives with his brother and sister-in-law in Flemington. Edwin is a retired carpenter who was diagnosed with ALS in March of 2017. Edwin's family contacted us requesting a ramp for their ranch home so that Edwin would be able to get to his beloved soccer games and out to see family and friends. Without a ramp, Edwin is trapped in the house. We installed a 22' ramp for Edwin as well as a portal suitcase ramp in the home so he could get up the one step from his room to the main house. Edwin is now able to get around the entire house on his own.

(67 years old)

Roy's wife, Donna, contacted us in November of 2017 after learning about our organization from a friend who attended the 2nd Annual Ellie's Ride in October. Roy has had ALS for 10 years and his wife uses an electric lift in their bedroom to get him in and out of the room. The lift was hard to move due to the carpeting they had so our volunteer contractor, Ed Peters, removed all of the carpeting and installed Pergo flooring.  Donna is now able to easily move her husband with the electric lift.

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