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Rich O's Story


Rich's mother, Barbara, contacted us in July 2014 asking for assistance for her son.  Rich was in need of an electric wheelchair since walking was becoming very difficult.  He also needed a wheelchair ramp in order to get in an out of his home.


Rich was able to obtain a power wheelchair through a donation from a local fire
& rescue department but the batteries were dead. We were able to purchase and install the batteries for Rich. We also installed a 16 foot ramp at his home in Lake Hopatcong, NJ so that he could get in and out of his home on his own.  He was now able to go out to his mailbox or to the car on his own.


One thing Rich loved to do was sit on his deck and enjoy the outdoors but he couldn't get his wheelchair in and out of his back door due to a step up/down so we built him a temporary ramp that allowed him to get his wheelchair outside.  Rich was thankful for the independence these ramps
provided him.

We are committed to helping those struggling
with ALS live their lives to the fullest.

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